Soolicious Story

Hello, my name is Soo Bradley. I am the owner of Soolicious cake.

   Welcome to Soolicious Cake!

   There are many dimensions of finding pleasure in being a pastry chef. One of the most rewarding things is witnessing someone’s big smile at the end of the meal when the finale of the meal reveals. Dessert! Do you know that a small cake brings someone joy and happiness? It can change ordinary moments into an extraordinary and memorable experience.

   I have been honored to be part of many special moments throughout my career. While attending Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney, Australia, I started working in the pastry kitchen. I had to be the first person in the kitchen to make rolls for the day, the rest of my day was spent making desserts and cakes. Since then, my passion for pastry works has never stopped growing. I knew I would be working with flour and sugar for a long time; not chicken stock or heavy saucepans, which attracted me to culinary school. Since 2006, I've carefully refined my skills and palate working in many sweet kitchens. I finally opened my kitchen, Soolicious Cake to expand my artistry further.

   Soolicious Cakes are not just cake. We offer elegant cakes and pastries in flavors and designs that suit your uniqueness and special day. All cakes, pastries, and buttercreams are made from scratch with no artificial flavor. We make all of our products as if we are serving our very own loved ones.

   Thank you for stopping by. I am looking forward to working with you and being a part of your delicious special moment!​


Soolicious Cake is operated under Cottage Food Law.

Soo is trained and certified in ServSafe and Cottage Food Law through the MSU Extension program.

Soolicious Cake takes food safety seriously and carefully crafts our products with care. 

Pick up & Delivery

You can select pickup or delivery date & time during the consultation.

We recommend giving us 24 hours’ notice for any changes from the initial decision.

We are located at 1523 E. Gaylord St. Unit D in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

For delivery (excluding wedding cake and 2 tier+ cake),

we offer delivery service within the city of Mt. Pleasant. The service fee is $15.00.