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Our products are all made from scratch and freshly baked by order. 
Our goal is to offer the freshest products as much as possible.  
Creating your cake is a multi-day process - ordering inventory, baking, and designing. 
By placing an order a week in advance, we are one step closer to satisfying our goal and your expectation.

*Note: To prevent important details from getting lost in translation, we don't take orders telephonically.

             Please email for order inquiries or any questions.*


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We make French buttercream and Swiss meringue buttercream to create our cakes, which contain less sugar compared to American buttercream. Our buttercreams offer rich and subtle flavors with a silky texture. 

Please tell us if you or your guests have allergies to certain ingredients, such as nuts, eggs, dairy, flour, etc.

We can guide you on what items are available to you.

Gluten-Free cakes are now available!

Please ask Soo for more details.

Her favorite combination made gluten-free is Almond + Vanilla (vanilla cake + almond buttercream + raspberry jam)!

The simple way to celebrate your special event 

1. Choose a cake flavor

2. Check out our collections of cake designs and sizes. 

3. Email Soo to place the order or for a custom design. 

You can also check out our cake photos on Instagram. 


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