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Cherry Cake


Soolicious Cake takes food safety seriously and carefully crafts our products with care. 

We make all our cakes, fillings and buttercreams entirely from scratch.

It also means we work with the ingredients containing wheat, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts,

and milk are used daily in our kitchen.

Our gluten-free cake is baked separately with great care using sanitized equipment.

However, we cannot guarantee they will be free from all traces of the above ingredients.

For more information, please ask us!

Creating your cake is a multi-day process - ordering inventory, baking, and designing. 
By placing an order a week in advance, we are one step closer to satisfying our goal and your expectation.

*Note: To prevent important details from getting lost in translation, we don't take orders telephonically. Please email for order inquiries or any questions.*


             Click here to place an order or ask any questions. 

Winter Cake Club 

Subscribe for Jan, Feb, and March


Cake Flavors

We make French buttercream

and Swiss meringue buttercream

to create our cakes.

They offer rich flavors and subtle sweetness with a silky texture.​

Vanilla + Lemon

vanilla cake

lemon curd

vanilla  buttercream

Vanilla + Chambord Raspberry

vanilla cake

raspberry compote

Chambord raspberry buttercream

Coconut+ Almond

coconut cake

raspberry compote

almond buttercream

Sprinkles + White Chocolate

confetti cake

white chocolate ganache

vanilla buttercream

GF Almond+ Vanilla

gluten free vanilla cake

raspberry compote

almond buttercream

(starting from $60)

Chocolate + Buttercrunch Caramel

chocolate cake

buttercrunch toffee

salted caramel buttercream

Chocolate + Mocha

chocolate cake

espresso ganache

French chocolate buttercream

Chocolate + Roasted Berries

chocolate cake

roasted berries

vanilla buttercream

Chocolate + Chocolate

chocolate cake

dark chocolate ganache

French chocolate buttercream

3-month Cake subscription

Click for more information

Other Desserts



salted caramel

green tea

dark Chocolate

starting from $38/dozen

*Two dozen minimum to order

Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies


Linzer Cookies



starting from $59.95/ dozen

Sugar Cookies

starting from $48/ dozen

Flourless Almond Cookies

$36/ dozen

Choux Au Craquelin



matcha green tea

starting from $38/ dozen

Cake Inquiry

Email us if you have any questions or you are ready to place an order.


Click here. 

Please include

-Your choice of a cake flavor and size

-Cake design- visit our cake design page and check out our collections! Are you looking for something else? Let us hear!  

-The date of pick up or delivery

Need more inspiration? You can also check out our cake photos on Instagram. 

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